Andy and Gil, of the genre-defying band No Application Fee, join us in-studio for bilingual songs. Also in this episode: Chicano Batman holds a special place in Gil’s heart. It’s all about the mix. What’s in a name? English as a second language. A lot of love for Rome Apart. No love for Texas. Too […]

Rain or Shine

Little Dragon and Gracie join us this month for some rain or shine songs. Also in this episode: Finding your tribe. Music videos on VHS by mail. Biopics. Hard rockin’ females. References: Dead Sara at The Troubadour Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow Denise: InstagramMore podcasts: Talking Is Hard

Jamz of 2022

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so there’s no guest this week. It’s just Denise and Rod sharing a few of their favorite songs of 2022. Also in this episode: Dive bar shows. Writing songs is hard. Any press is good press. Fuck, Mary, Kill. Rod’s not a musician. References: Negra Luz YouTube Channel […]

Take Two

Special guest Rudy and Denise share songs by artists they gave a second chance to. Rod screws it up and shares a song by an artist he missed the boat on. Also in this episode: Rudy’s off the menu. Rudy, keeper of grunge. Replacing band members. Rod’s a Little Monster. Rudy goes on a KoRn […]

Concerts in the Time of ‘Rona

We’re sharing songs by artists we’ve seen live post-pandemic. Featured Songs: “La La Love You” by Pixies “Peaceful Afternoon” by Rufus Wainwright “Jacket” by Carsie Blanton Also in this episode: Postponed shows. Concerts at SoFi. Traveling for concerts. Daughter’s first concert. Crying at concerts. Deefur’s musical influences. References: Seeflo on Instagram | “Nestle In My […]

Reminiscing and It Feels So Good

We’re talking songs that bring back memories. Also in this episode: We welcome back one of the OG’s. RIP Marciano Cantero. The many talents of Bad Bunny. Getting diddled. Catholic school retreats. Muse sucks now. References: Needle Drop’s Will of the People Review | Stephanie’s IG Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow Denise: Instagram