Shoe Gazin’

We get acquainted with shoegaze this month thanks to Robert. Also in this episode: The Daily Brew. We don’t know wtf shoegaze is. Robert’s concert blurbs. Dig! documentary. Robert’s favorite color is shoegaze. Tips to find new music. Barista life. Robert’s Links: Twitter | Instagram Episode references: Rod’s shoegaze playlist Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow Denise: InstagramMore podcasts: Talking […]


Long-time podcast-bud Jodie B of Po Boys Podcast joins us this week for some songs about banging. Also in this episode: Podcasting about podcasting. Innuendo. Jakob James Nowell. What happened to Rob Thomas? Wonka sing-a-long. Deefur updates. Stand-up comedy. Jodie B’s Links: Twitter | Po Boys Podcast Episode references: Suspect208 | “Move” by Santana, Rob […]

Perseverance with Madima

We’re joined this month by another 110 Podcast alum, Madima. We talk about a plethora of topics and share songs about perseverance. Also in this episode: Perseverance is key. Be more Googleable. Protecting your art. Litigation. Making a documentary. Open mics. Booking shows. Madima’s Links: Website | Patreon | Instagram | Linktree Episode references: Madima […]

Jamz of 2023

We continue last year’s tradition of Wrapping™ our favorite songs of the year, 2023 edition. Also in this episode: Supporting smaller bands. Bandcamp Friday. Small venues. Setlist playlists. Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow Denise: InstagramMore podcasts: Talking Is Hard

Childhood Home Songs

We’re joined this week by multi-instrumentalits/multi-band-member Cesar for some childhood home songs. Also in this episode: All Pearl Jam fans know each other. Denise still hates The Beatles. Cesar’s musical beginnings. Bar fighting Dad. CCR vs. The Beatles. The many bands Cesar plays in. Recording music. Malinches. Cesar’s links: East Side Agents | Mafia Rusa […]

Depression, Forgiveness, Recovery

Musician and host/curator of the Writers ‘Round Fullerton, Greg Artavia, joins us this month for songs that deal with depression, forgiveness, and recovery. Also in this episode: Home recordings. Shows at the Bowl. Collecting suicide notes. Greg’s influences. Ari Aster movies. Living with depression. The stigma around therapy. Acceptance. Writers ‘Round Fullerton. Greg’s links: Instagram […]

Under The Covers

Long-time podcasting pal Ed of Expand Your Playlist joins us this week for one of our favorite recurring themes, cover songs. Also in this episode: What makes a good cover? Let dead people RIP. Hunting for smaller, unsigned artists. Violent Femmes at the swapmeet. Everything is funny. Pink Floyd hits. All things Expand Your Playlist. […]

Nostalgia Goggles

New friend of the show, Avi, joins us this week for some nostalgia-themed songs. Also in this episode: Botched Execution. Appeasing the algorithm gods. Defining nostalgia. Songwriting. Pop culture references in music. Musical rabbit holes. Velodrone on the 110 podcast. Benefits of bartending. Give Avi a follow: InstagramBotched Execution: Instagram | Linktree Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow […]


We’re joined by long-time friend, Marc, for enlightenment songs. Also in this episode: Self-realization. 5-year engagement. Procrastination. Yesses and Nos. It’s okay to cry. Wealth dynamics. It’s okay to be selfish. Tattoos. References: Comedian Andy Hendrickson Reach out to Marc via email, Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow Denise: InstagramMore podcasts: Talking Is Hard

Kinda Funny

We’re joined by a couple of first-timers, Michael K and Heather, for funny songs. Also in this episode: Musical theater. Bo Burnham’s INSIDE. Commit to the bit. Comedy. Swedish death cleaning. References: Lindsey Ellis’ RENT video essay. Check out Michael K at Held2gether in Long Beach August 11th. Email the show: rod@lppod.comFollow Denise: InstagramMore podcasts: Talking Is Hard